Our Ethos

Personal Achievement

Ride Republic is creating a movement with a different approach to exercise. It's about empowering you to make health and fitness part of your life, rather than just a passing fad. Our workouts are designed to make you sweat enough that there'll be no denying you've worked out. They say "strong is the new skinny" - we believe you will see a remarkable difference in how powerful riding makes you feel.

Holistic Wellbeing

We believe that what happens off your bike is equally important as on the saddle. From the food you eat, to the level of stress in your life – all areas need to be in balance, so you can feel and look your sexy, powerful best. Our staff are on hand with expert advice so you can come to us with any questions you might have, from "Am I lunging correctly?" to "Vodka is made of potatoes…does it count towards my 5-a-day?".

A Passionate Community

Most importantly, we bring together a community of people that care about healthy living. Whether it's in our classes, our smoothie bar, or our vibrant online community, Ride Republic is a place for you to connect with new like-minded friends around fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. Come along and feel a part of the family from the day you step through our door.