Get Ready

Your First Ride

Arrive 15 minutes early for your first class with us. We'll show you around the studio, and adjust your bike so you can have a comfortable ride.

What to Wear

We recommend wearing a tank or t-shirt on top and fitted workout pants or shorts on the bottom. Avoid loose-fitted workout pants that could get caught in the pedals.

What to Bring

All you need to bring is yourself and a reusable water bottle. We provide cycling shoes and towels for all your rides. We have lockers for your valuables, refreshing showers, and Bamford bath and body products so you smell good too. All on the house.

Check In

Allow a few minutes before your class to check in, drop your bags, and get ready.

The Ride

Most of our rides last 45 minutes and include a warm up, followed by a mix of resistance, endurance, speed-work, and a cool down.

Our leaderboard will help you to push yourself. It isn’t about being number 1 on the board. It is about knowing your output every time and utilising competition as a driving force. We focus on personal achievement to give clients a purposeful workout. One that is tough and measured.

You can make the ride as challenging as you want. You can set measurable goals and track your improvement over time on our website via your account.