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Burn 45

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This is our flagship class in which you will drive away those proverbial cobwebs with a 45 minute, high intensity, full-body workout. Our ‘Burn Board’ will be projecting your live score throughout the class. Don’t think of it as a ‘name-and-shame’, but more of a ‘spin-to-win’. With your position in the top 10 of the riders - boys versus girls - displayed for all to see, you’ll work harder than you ever have before.

Plus, it’s not just your legs that get blasted at Ride Republic – we also incorporate arm and core exercises to help you tone your whole physique. Get coached by our high-energy, passionate instructors while spinning along to the hottest soundtracks.

Cardio & Core

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Looking to get more tight and toned? Who isn't! Based on our signature bike-based workout, our full-body-blasting 'Cardio & Core' class includes one extra arm track to ensure that your guns can, indeed, be out when the sun's out. On top of that there's a 15 minute series of core-busting, six-pack-creating exercises. Prepare to sweat it out with 35 minutes in the saddle, then the hit the floor for an effective combination of different tummy-toning exercises.

This class is expertly designed to combine fat-burning cardio with intense core conditioning to leave you feeling (and looking) like you've worked every muscle in your body. Come along and sweat like you mean it.

Themed Rides

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Believe it or not we don't just live to spin at Ride Republic. We also live for FUN. In 2015 we've put on exciting themed event classes such as: Hip Hop Ride, USA v. UK, Battle of the Blondes, Sexy and I Know It, and Miami to Ibiza.


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Sculpt 60 is the ultimate lean body sculpting class. With a focus on strengthening the core, arms and glutes, this class is the perfect compliment to our signature cycle classes. It is also an intense and effective stand-alone class, particularly for those with relatively sedentary, desk-based jobs. In 60 minutes, you will hit each muscle group for a full body workout, finishing with a deep stretch segment designed to release the hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings and back.

Furthermore, with only six people per class, you are assured to get the personalised attention needed for maximum results.