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Burn 45

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BURN 45 is a 45 minute high intensity cardio workout on a bike.

This is a challenging "get results" fat burning low impact cardiovascular class, great for weight loss and sports training. No gimmicks, no arms track, no nonsense just straight up HIIT cardio! On top of that our bespoke tracking app the ‘Burn Board’ will be projecting the top 10 rider scores (boys and girls) live throughout the class. This will give you that extra push to work harder than you ever have before, however you can always opt out of the live BURN and check your score on your account. All set to music which makes you work hard on the intervals and rest when it's time, set in a club like atmosphere with dark lights and motivating instructors. All levels are welcome as it's your score you need to improve each week, others are just there to support and push you along.

Core & Restore

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This is a perfect complimentary class to our BURN 45, and for all those TYPE A personalities who get frustrated they can't hit a PB (Personal Best) each time, it may be because you are not taking recovery and your CORE strength as seriously as you should.

With only 8 people per class you are sure to get the proper attention that your CORE deserves. This is a 50 minute class that includes:
- 10-15 minutes of myofascial release with foam rollers, tennis balls, trigger sticks and blocks that force you to release those tight muscles so they can recover faster
- 30 minutes of intense CORE exercises which includes band work to fire up those glutes & body weight exercises to strengthen your back
- 10-15 minutes of holding stretches similar to YIN yoga where we allow our muscles to wind down and sync into deeper stretches

This is a bespoke class you will not find anywhere else. Designed by Ride's Fitness Director Rachel Rivers. Rachel is an ex national tennis player who battled many injuries throughout her tennis career. In her day of competeing there wasn't any education about stretching, myofascial release or even recovery nutrition. Due to this lack of education she went on to study a B.S. in Exercise Science and further education in Pilates, Exercise Correction Specialist, BioMechanics, Pre & Post Natal, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and more. Rachel has designed this class to help those busy Londoners that feel they need to do everything but don't have the time. Ideally we would all have the time for intense workouts with a ton of restorative yoga and CORE work, but if you don't then try this class.